About FromNowToWow

From Now to Wow is a blog devoted to sharing ideas about managing projects for business.  Whether your company or organization is large or small, we all face challenges when it comes to consistent implementation of initiatives.  The depth and breadth of managing projects can span as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon, encompassing a broad spectrum of issues that implicate many operational facets.  The purpose of this blog is to simplify that process, create clarity and provide a systematic approach to creating and managing organizational ideas, initiatives and projects.  The approach begins with the inception of ideas (brainstorming) through implementation and reflective analysis. There exist many creative people within companies and organizations.  These are the folks who often assert great ideas, but never think about how to actually implement them.  In fact, implementation is often left up to someone else who has to create something big out of thin air.  In other words, these “implemeters” often have to go from now to wow within short periods of time.

This blog gives concrete examples of projects and walks the reader through a series of “how to” steps that will hopefully help reduce stress and clarify a process that increases positive results and successful implementation.  Whether I am writing about creative projects like setting up public relations programs, ad campaigns or business development initiatives, or more operational projects like office space considerations, strategic planning, events and fund-raising programs, they all have common process qualities that can be simply organized to secure a successful launch.

Blog discussions will break down the anatomy of how to go from now to wow - like creating the right teams, the art of tenacity, how to pick the right ideas, internal diplomacy, building credibility, recognizing dead ends, communication strategies and more.