About The Author – Jenna Gruen

Despite the img_1995law degree, for the past 20 plus years, I have practiced law for about 3 seconds.  Instead, I have been on the business side of the legal industry for over two decades.  I appreciated the scholarship of law while in school, but knew from early on that practicing law was never going to be me.  I stuck with it all, passed the bar and got to work applying my degree with a different twist.

After a few gigs elsewhere, I was hired as Director of Practice Management at a large B2B commercial law firm in Minneapolis.  It was a unique position at the time that sought to organize and structure 12 practice areas of the firm and connect them to the rest of their business units.

Currently, I have been with another B2B firm in Minneapolis for the past 12 years, only now I’ve focused my efforts as Director of Marketing and Practice Development.

It’s taken me years to realize that perhaps my title should more aptly be, Queen of Project Management – with a side of creative development and production thrown in.  In a nut shell, I create, produce, direct and manage a variety of projects that range from administrative process development and implementation to block buster creative, marketing and business development campaigns.